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This amazing tool allows you to graft plants together and cut branches with ease!
Perfect for fruit trees or growing a beautiful garden!
Similar to transplanting human organs, you can combine parts of two different trees to form a functioning individual. Benefits Genetically identical to superior trees.

This means that if you have a tree that produces amazing fruit every year, you can use this grafting technique to create an exact replica, effectively doubling or tripling your harvest.


Using #65 stainless steel shear blade, high-strength ABS plastic, Japanese SK5 double-edged shear blade
3 replaceable grafting cutting blades (Cut/U-Cut/V-Cut/Ω) for precise, clean cuts

Pruning blades (1/8-inch thick) ideal for cutting leaves, branches, and stems without changing tools
Can cut grafted plant twigs with a diameter of 3/16"~17/32"
The cuts of both woods will fit together perfectly for maximum cambium contact, significantly increasing survival rates.
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