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Are you looking for a fast and effective way to clean your toilet?

Look no further than Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner! Our product is a powerful and efficient cleaner that quickly and easily cuts through grime, dirt, and soap scum leaving your toilet sparkling clean. With Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner, you can enjoy a sparkling clean toilet. Plus, our product is safe to use on all types of toilets and is gentle on the environment. So why wait? Get your toilet sparkling clean with Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner today!


Decontamination and Descaling: Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner is designed to provide powerful decontamination and descaling effects. It can effectively remove dirt and grime from all kinds of surfaces. The high-pressure bubble spraying technology helps to penetrate deep into the surface and break down stubborn dirt and grime. It can also effectively remove limescale and other hard water deposits that can accumulate over time. This makes it an ideal product for keeping your bathroom surfaces clean and sparkling.

Purification and Deodorization: Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner also contains powerful purification and deodorization agents. These agents are designed to neutralize unpleasant odors and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. The agents also help to purify the air in the bathroom, eliminating any bacteria or other airborne particles that could cause health problems.

Rich Foam & Anti Splash: Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner is formulated with a rich foam that helps to prevent splashing when using the toilet. The rich foam helps to minimize the amount of water that is sprayed when flushing, making it easier to keep the bathroom clean and dry. The anti-splash feature of Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner also makes it easier to use the toilet without worrying about water splashing on the floor.

Wide Application: Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner is suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used to clean toilets, washbenches, urinals, tiles, bathtubs, and more. This makes it an ideal product for use in any bathroom or kitchen.


STEP 1 Shake the liquid in the bottle evenly

STEP 2 remove the safety plug and spray it at the dirt on the toilet, let it stand for 2-3 minutes

STEP 3 brush the surface clean with a cleaning brush

STEP 4 brush again and rinse with clean water

What Makes This Toilet Bubble Spray Cleaner Be The GREAT CHOICE?

 Decontamination and descaling


 Splash prevention

 Widely used


  1. Please store this product in a cool and ventilated place, and keep it out of reach of young children;
  2. Do not mix with other detergents for use;
  3. This product should not be swallowed. If it accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse immediately with water. In serious cases

Please seek medical attention immediately.


Net content: 200ml/500ml

Aroma: Lemon

Shelf life: 3 years

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