Vintage Dragon Crystal Amulet

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✨Free Dragon Crystal Amulet & Special Surprise Mystery Box For Father's Day

* Each person can only buy one free amulet, more will not be shipped!

* Free Dragon Amulet (Shopping Cart Page Note Amulet Color Or Name,If Not, We Will Randomly Configure For You)

* Amulet material :Lapis Lazuli / Rose Quartz / Tiger Eye / Clear Quartz / Amethyst / Aventurine / Obsidian / Opal

 Small Crystal Mystery Box :  about 250g
 Medium Crystal Mystery Box :about  450g
 Large Crystal Mystery Box :about  650g  (Free Shipping)
 Extra Large Crystal Mystery Box :about  1100g  (Free Shipping)
 Extra Plus Large Crystal Mystery Box:about 2250g   (Free Shipping)

The dragon necklace is composed of a dragon and a natural crystal stone, the dragon symbolizes a powerful guardian god, the natural crystal stone has a different meaning, which can bring you good luck, power, harmony and peace

The necklace chain of the dragon jewelry is about 23.6 inch +2 inch adjustable, the crystal stone pendant is about 1.46 x 0.3 inch, the dragon and crystal stone pendant is about 1.77 x 1.18 inch, one size fits most people to wear

The crystal pendant is made of quality natural crystal stone and alloy, stable in structure, not easy to break or deform, is a good amulet for you

✨SODALITE: Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Communication
✨QUARTZ: Self-Healing, Meditation, Clearing
✨BLACK TOURMALINE: Creativity, Protection, Strength
✨AMETHYST: Sleep, Anxiety Relief, Purification, Clarity
✨ARAGONITE: Trauma, Anxiety Relief, Self Healing
✨ROSE QUARTZ: Self-Love, Relaxation, Creativity
✨AVENTURINE: Strength, Luck, Prosperity, Joy
✨ZEBRA JASPER: Passion, Meditation, Purification
✨NET JASPER: Peace, Tranquility, Healing&Comfort
✨RED JASPER: New Beginnings, Motivation, Prosperity
✨ORANGE CALCITE: Sexuality, Energy Transfer, Fertility
✨SERPENTINE: Soothing, Transformation, Self-Healing
✨OPTICAL CALCITE: Clarity, Clearing, Energy Shifts
✨DUMORTIERITE: Lucid Dreaming, Opportunities, Insight
✨PINK TOURMALINE: Anxiety&Relief, Trauma , Passion
✨RHODONITE: Soothing, Dreams, Stress Relief. Trust
✨TIGER EYE: Strength, Balance, Creativity, Intuition
✨BLACK OBSIDIAN: Strength, Creativity, Abundance
✨LEPIDOLITE: Dreams, Joy, Sleep, Anxiety Relief
✨MOOKAITE: Power, Passion, Prosperity, Stress Relief
✨SELENITE: Clarity, Protection, Meditation, Purification
✨ANGELITE: Calming and Patience, Dreams, Intuition
✨ANGEL AURA QUARTZ: Meditation, Passion, Insight
✨BLUE CALCITE: Soothing, Dreams, Psychic Abilities
✨BUMBLEBEE JASPER: Strength, Creativity, Power
✨CARNELIAN: Strength, Courage, Confidence, Sexuality
✨DALMATIAN: Nurturing, Past Lives, Longevity, Trust
✨EMERALD: Strength, Love&Relationships, Power
✨FLOWER AGATE: Resolution, Inner Peace, Inspiration
✨FLUORITE: Clarity, Cleansing, Sense Of Purpose
✨BLUE KYANITE: Meditation, Intuition, Relaxation
✨CITRINE: Inspiration, Protection, Anxiety Relief, Strength
✨UNAKITE: Self Love, Empathy, Grounding, Growth, Joy
✨SEPTARIAN: New Beginnings, Prosperity, Wisdom

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