Plant Tying Machine 10 Rolls Of Tape

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If You Love Your Plants You Need This!
√ Tie Plants 2-3 Times Faster
√ Promotes Healthy Growth
√ No Expertise Needed
√ Big Value Pack

Say Goodbye to tedious and time-consumingplant tying and achieve a lush and healthygarden with ease!
Whether you have grapevines, tomato plants, pea vines, or cucumber plants, ourplant tying machine is perfect for al.

Tying Vines Like a Pro at a Fraction of the Cost
Are you a passionate gardener who loves tending to your backyard garden?
Do you want to create a beautiful and thriving garden with vertically supportedvines? Look no further! Our Plant Tying Machine is here to revolutionize yourgardening experience.
What's more, you can choose between red or transparent tape, allowing you tocustomize the look of your garden to your preference.

6 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Our Plant TyingMachine:
TIME-SAViNG: Say goodbye to spending hours tying vines manually. with our plant tyingmachine, you'l speed up the process 2-3 times, allowing you to focus on other aspects ofyour garden.
PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Achieve professional-grade plant tying results without the needfor hiring an expert. Our plant tying machine makes the process quick and efficient. Just fillthe gun with staples and the tape, bring the support and the plant together and clampthem with the gun. Voila! You're done.
SECURE CONNECTlON: Tape can lose its adhesive power and make the branches fall offthread connections are also not strong enough to hold growing veins. But this staple gunorovides a secure, strong and permanent connection to plants so they can't come loose
EASY TO USE: No more struggling with complicated tools! Our TieUp" Plant Tying Machineis designed with simplicity in mind. Simply place the vine between the blades, press thehandle, and watch as the machine ties the plant securely.
PROMOTES HEALTHY GROWTH: Properly supported vines promote healthy growth andprevent them from sprawling on the ground. Give your plants the support they need tothrive and flourish.
BIG VALUE: Our package includes the powerful staple gun, a generous box of 10,000staples, and 10 rolls of high-quality tape, giving you all the essential tools to tackle anyplant tying project with ease and efficiency.

Set of:
1x TieUp™ Plant Tying Machine
1x Box of staples(10,000pcs)
10x Rolls of Tape in Red or Transparent
Length of each Tape: 30 meters

Or Replacement set of:
1x Box of staples (10,000pcs)
6x Rolls of Tape in Red or Transparent
Length of each Tape: 30 meters

Material: Stainless steel
Diameter of the Opening: 5cm
Dimensions of the gun: 31 x 6 cm
Size of the Tape: 0.12 x11 x 26mm
Length of each Tape: 30 meters
Color of the Tape: Red or Transparent

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