New Bamboo Box with Lock for Jewelry and beads

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The wooden storage box we designed is specially designed for the storage of beads. The internal storage space is well organized, which greatly improves space utilization. It is the best jewelry storage box.

Our storage packages include:
  • 1 small brush
  • 1 storage tube
  • 3 bead storage bottles
    This is the most appropriate combination of sets. The beautiful and practical wooden jewelry box will bring you an excellent user experience.

    If you want to reset your password, please follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Set the password to 000 and slide the button to the left
    • Step 2: Slide the button to the right and set a new password, release the button and you are done

    Placing this exquisite and practical wooden storage box on your jewelry table or anywhere in your home will undoubtedly look great. From aesthetics to practicality, we can meet all your needs for organizing storage boxes.

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