1. Do not press too hard on the ground

Increasing pressure escalates wear but doesn't necessarily create significantly more sparks.

The roughness of the road often plays a part.Some roads wear down the cores like butter, try pressing even less on those.

2. Take breaks while grinding

Grinding continuously for too long can heat the material, causing the cores to wear out faster or even melt the metal. It's better to let them cool down for a few seconds.

3. What is the adhesive pad for?

The adhesive pad is there to allow you to allow you to cut off the cores at the end without damaging the shoe.It is not meant to secure the core by itself.

4. What is the difference between the V5 Obsidian and the v5 Stealth?

The V5 stealth is designed to facilitate running when attaching the cores to sneakers. They differ only in thickness and, as a result, in their lifespan, The sparks produced are the same.